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15 HTML & CSS Projects
About Lesson

Hello Everyone! Welcome you here.

My name is Zainab Nisa and I’ll be your lead instructor for this course.

In this course we’re going to learn core concepts of CSS by building 15 projects which will make easier for us to learn it. I could surely say that if you complete this course with all home assignments, you will make your firm grip with CSS.

How you’ll follow this course?

  • Here, you’ll have 15 lessons for 15 projects
  • Give your daily one hour to each lesson
  • Complete each lesson thoroughly first!
  • Attempt each Quiz after a lesson
  • Complete your assigned home task after every lesson Post its screenshot on twitter, and don’t forget to tag me( @Zainab_Nisa786), I’ll check your progress there.
  • Also, I would suggest you to follow the MDN docs whenever you get stuck with a CSS property.

  • In the end of this course, you’ll get a certificate for free!

I hope you’ll follow every mentioned step, Wish you all the best!          LET’S GET STARTED 🙂

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