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Are you excited about creating a course with aptLearn, but not sure where to get started? Do you want to make sure the course you create will appeal to students? Then you’re in the right place.

Introducing, an instructional guide on how to create an online course on aptLearn

In this official course I will guide you through the recommended course creation process and share best practices in teaching and instructional design, as well as resources you can use to help you plan, produce, and publish your own course. Creating a course is a journey, but you don’t have to go it alone! I am here to guide you throughout your journey.

I will walk you through the steps in the course creation process and share tips for building an impactful online learning experience on aptLearn.

Bookmark this now, reference it later

I will share a lot of helpful information and resources throughout this course. Bookmark it so that you can refer back to it as needed while you’re on your own instructor journey.

Learn how to create a course in 45 minutes

During this 45-minute course, our information-packed lectures will give you the insight and tools to make the course creation process as smooth as possible for you so that you’re confident in delivering a high-quality online course that students will love. We’ll also include practice activities for hands-on learning which you can apply directly to the course you’re creating.

Get step-by-step guidance

By the end of the course, you’ll be ready to get started creating your course – and have a solid understanding of the steps required to create an online course.

Plan your content

  • Define who you’re creating this course for, what your students will achieve upon completion, and how they’ll learn it by planning learning activities and assessments
  • Create a course outline to plan the structure of your course
  • Write your course script to get you prepared to record your course

Produce your course

  • Create your course videos, resources, and activities following best practices for delivering value to your learners
  • Edit your videos to be polished and professional

Publish your course

  • Upload your videos and content onto aptLearn
  • Create an optimized course landing page that will make your course more searchable for learners on aptLearn and on external search engines
  • Review the instructor verification process and the course approval process

Promote your course and more!

  • Jumpstart your marketing efforts to drive student enrollments to drive ratings and reviews early on
  • Leverage your instructor dashboard to manage your course and engage with your learners

Ready to embark on your instructor journey? Walk with me!

aptLearn requires applicants for an Instructor’s license to satisfy minimum training criteria, which includes but is not limited to this 45 minutes of classroom training taught and administered by a website administrator.

  • An overview for creating a course on aptLearn.
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What Will You Learn?

  • At the end of this course, you will learn how to:
  • Create an online course with our recommended course creation process
  • Access and use tools and resources available to you as an instructor
  • Define your ideal learners for your course
  • Determine and write clear learning objectives
  • Create practical activities and assessments to drive an engaging and high-quality course
  • Create a well-structured course outline
  • Produce your course content following best practices for recording and editing your videos
  • Write a compelling course landing page that attracts the right learners to your course
  • Launch your course successfully
  • Use your instructor dashboard to evolve your course, and to grow your audience

Course Content

Getting Started
An overview for creating a course on SwiftSpeed Technology

  • Hello!
  • Before you create your course
  • Setting it up

Plan Your Course

The Technical Part

Produce Your Course

Publish Your Course

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