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HTML <center> Tag

The <center> tag is no longer supported in HTML5, and it’s advised to use CSS instead to achieve center alignment. Here’s a brief overview of the tag and how to replace it with CSS.


The <center> tag was used in HTML to center-align text or other inline content. Since it’s not supported in HTML5, it’s better to use CSS properties to achieve the same effect.


Instead of using the <center> tag, you can apply CSS to center-align content. Here’s an example:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    .center-text {
      text-align: center;
  <p class="center-text">This text is center-aligned using CSS.</p>

Try it out below


In this example, the CSS class .center-text is applied to the paragraph, and the text-align: center; property is used to center-align the text.


It’s essential to keep up with the latest standards and practices in web development. The <center> tag is a deprecated element, and using CSS for alignment is the recommended approach.

You can create more flexible and maintainable code by understanding and applying modern techniques.