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HTML <em> Tag


The <em> tag in HTML is used to emphasize text within a document. It’s a way to highlight specific words or phrases, making them stand out by rendering them in italics. This can be used to convey a different tone or stress the importance of certain words.


Example 1: Emphasizing a Word in a Sentence

Imagine you’re writing about a thrilling adventure, and you want to emphasize the excitement:

<p>The roller coaster ride was <em>incredibly</em> thrilling!</p>

Example 2: Highlighting a Key Concept

In an educational context, you might want to emphasize a key term or concept:

<p>The <em>Pythagorean theorem</em> is fundamental in geometry.</p>

Try it out below: 



Attribute Description
Global Attributes The <em> tag supports all the global attributes in HTML.
Event Attributes The <em> tag also supports all the event attributes in HTML.

Browser Support

Browser Support
Chrome Yes
Firefox Yes
Safari Yes
Opera Yes
IE Yes

Default CSS Settings

Most browsers will display the <em> element with the following default CSS settings:

em {
  font-style: italic;


The <em> tag is a simple yet powerful tag for emphasizing text within HTML documents.

It’s widely supported across browsers and can be used to enhance the readability and expressiveness of your content.