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About Course

The ability to plan, execute, and assess projects efficiently is a skill that is applicable across many businesses and sectors. It’s one of the reasons project management is such a valuable skill. But, precisely, what is it? Why is it so beneficial? And where do you begin with project management?

We examine and address these essential issues, analyzing the many forms of project management, the various abilities you’ll need to succeed, and how to get started with your project management journey in this course.

You will learn about skills expected of a project manager, targets, understanding metrics, measurement of project performance, risk planning, budgeting, etc. click enroll button to get started.

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What Will You Learn?

  • You will learn project management methodology
  • You will learn the triple constraint of project management
  • You will learn the easy formula for becoming a project manager
  • You will learn how to measure and assess project management metrics
  • You will learn how to budget in project management

Course Content

Introduction to Project Management

  • Introduction
  • Project Selection
  • What Is a Project
  • The Triple Constraint of Project Management
  • Brief History of Projects and Project Management
  • Who is the Project Manager?
  • Introduction to Project Management Assessment

Definition and Methodology in Project Management

Project Management Scope

Defining Quality Requirements

The Change Process

Measurement of Project Performance


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7 months ago
This course exposed me to the rudiments of Project management and the traits to become successful at managing projects
It was good
8 months ago
I enjoyed every bit of the course, and it’s beginner friendly.
8 months ago
Simple and comprehensive
8 months ago
Concise and simple to understand.Great job
11 months ago
Great course to open up minds to PROJECT MANAGEMENT