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Use Case 1: Employee Check-In Button with Power Automate
Learn how to automate employee check-in and check-out activities with Microsoft Power Automate.
Use Case 2: Automate Employee’s Birthday Celebration
Employers can get more closer to their employees by celebrating them on a day that matters. Birthday is one of those days.
Use Case 3: Automate Employee Work Anniversary
Celebrate your employees on their work anniversary and take the task away from your HR team.
Use Case 5: Event Registration Management Automation
Learn how to leverage on Microsoft Power Automate to drive an automated event registration session
Use Case 6: On-Field Verification App with Power Automate and SharePoint List
Create a Power Automate Button flow to carry out field verification activities.
Use Case 8: Send Weekly Report as HTML Table via Email
How can you embed HTML table in your email content? This use case will address it
Use Case 9: Send Weekly Report as Excel Attachment via Email
What if you will prefer to have your weekly report as Excel File attached as the content of your Email? Let's do that together in this use case
Use Case 10: How to Update the Status of SharePoint Item with Microsoft Form
What if you have list of actions on a SharePoint list and you need people to update item status by just filling a form. This use case will help address this challenge
Use Case 11: Bulk Update of List Item with Excel File from MS Form Upload
What if you want to do a batch upload or creation of items on a SharePoint List, can you just upload the file via MS Form and have them created on SharePoint List? Yes, It is possible.
Use Case 12: Automate Memo Approval Process
How do you automate the Memo Approval process in your organization? Power Automate can be leveraged on to get this done.
Use Case 13: Automate Memo Approval with Multiple File Uploads
This use case addresses how to handle multiple files uploaded in MS Forms within Power Automate Approval and Email Attachment
Use Case 14: Run a Schedule Cloud Flow Once
How do you get a flow to run at a particular time and for once? With a Schedule Cloud Flow, It can run at a particular time but will have to be repeated. This use case will show you a way around it
Use Case 15: Populate a MS SQL Database Table with Table coming from MS Forms
How can you use Microsoft Power Automate to Communicate with your Database? we will establish the connection and also build a flow that populates the database table with responses from MS Forms
Use Case 16: Schedule Report Spooling from MS Database Using Power Automate
We will create a Power Automate Flow that will run on schedule to spool reports from MS SQL Database, export the report to Excel and send as attachment via Email
Multiple Forms, How to Tie Them Together
We have created multiple forms and links. how do we get them coordinated and make them easily accessible?
This is not the End
Yeah, the topic reads 15+ Use Cases and not 15 Use Cases. so expect to see more use cases added frequently
Process Automation Course Using Power Automate
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