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Python 101: Beginners Masterclass

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About Course

Python 101: Beginners Masterclass is a well-detailed course created to introduce Python to tech enthusiasts who are interested in learning Python Programming Language. In this course, you will learn a whole lot of things and become a Master in Python. All you need is Time, Dedication, Commitment, and writing materials also because it will be required that you take down some important notes. I wish you the very best, and I hope this course helps launch you into a successful Python Career.

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Let’s print our first python code to the console.


What Will You Learn?

  • The student would have learned the following upon the completion of this course:
  • 1. Analyzing the structure of a computer programme.
  • 2. How does a computer store information in its memory?
  • 3. The manner in which the computer repeats events and makes conclusions.
  • 4. The best technique to developing a programme.
  • 5. Create basic programmes to handle particular problems.
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Course Content

Introduction to Python
In this session, we will examine what Python is, Why you should choose Python, Advantages of Learning Python, Apps that were built on Python. Enjoy!

  • Installation and Set up
  • Python Common Questions
  • Writing your first Program
  • How to write Comments
  • Understanding Data Types 1
  • Understanding Data Types 2
  • Understanding Data Types 3:
  • Understanding Data Types 4
  • Assignment 1: Test yourself

Data Type Conversion
How do we convert data types? "50" is a string, how do we make it an integer? 20 is an integer, how do we convert it into Floats? Let's find out!

Arithmetics Operators
Learn how to do basic arithmetics in Python

Boolean Logic
A Boolean value can only be 1 of two values, True or False. We use Booleans in programming to make comparisons and to control the flow of the program. How do we understand these things? Let's get practical examples.

Control Flow


Intro to OOP

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Rita Moore
6 days ago
I have taken many python courses but never completed any because I get confused at some point. This is the first phyton course I have completed. Thanks for this course, it is really beginner friendly.
10 months ago
I am happy i found this. The course is very good and helpful. God bless you guys
10 months ago
It was amazing beginning with this.
10 months ago
Contents refuse to load after numerous refreshing and unable to assess other topics.
10 months ago
It's well explanatory and detailed. Getting more interesting
10 months ago
things were going well until the courses were not appearing again