Getting Started With Microsoft Power Automate

One of the benefits of technology and having the necessary skills is the opportunity it offers to scale your business and career. To be more productive, you need to work smarter by automating unnecessary tasks.

This can be achieved with low-code/no-code tools like Microsoft Power Automate, which help you to automate unnecessary tasks and concentrate on the things that will boost your work productivity. Microsoft Power Automate is a leading tool in Robotic Process Automation recognised by both Gartner and Forrester in 2021.

The best approach to learning with a tool like Microsoft Power Automate is by building solutions to sample business problems. This is why in this course, you will get hands-on experience as we co-create over 15 solutions to business challenges. These solutions are simple and also easy to implement within your organization. -Olanrewaju Oyebooke

In addition, acquiring this skill can even earn you a good reputation in your organization and increase your competitiveness for the next job.

Who needs this Course?

This course focuses on helping people to accomplish more with fewer resources. Microsoft Power Automate Course may be valuable to you regardless of your position and experience level. Here’s how:

As a business manager, understanding the capabilities of Microsoft Power Automate can make you more valuable as you can suggest more ways to address business challenges.

As an employee, it provides you get familiar with Microsoft 365 Collaboration, understand when to use Microsoft Power Automate, and in the long run, be of great value in your career advancement journey. 

New graduates are not left out. They acquire much-needed productivity skills and experience with tools like SharePoint, OneDrive, MS Team, etc.

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It is certain that whether you’re a business decision-maker or an absolute beginner, by the end of this course, you’ll have the experience you need to use the tool in your everyday work and learn the basics of Microsoft office 365.

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