Tech Career Paths You Should Explore

The word “Tech” has been a common language recently and for good reason; it has provided dozens with employment and has proven quite useful in solving several common and perhaps complicated issues. The seemingly “booming” and thriving space of tech has since attracted millions of people from various parts of the world, and even thousands within the shores of Africa. Now, one can confidently attest to the opportunities in Tech as numerous as they are and as fulfilling as they seem. However, there has been an ambiguity in the discussion of career paths available in the tech space. Some think it is limited to coding, often due to movies and television shows that portray young men sitting in dark rooms, typing vigorously and using words such as “back-end and hack.”

Thankfully, the tech space is not particularly limited to “coding,” as there are several other paths and career options within the industry. There are dozens of rewarding career options such as web developing, data analysis, UI or UX design. These are all very satisfying options and paths that you could take depending on your capacity and interest. Fortunately for you, below we will be exploring 7 career options for you in Tech. We will be considering what each of these career paths entails and details about what you will need to get started as well as some tips on how to find your foot in the industry of your choosing.

UX Design

Have you ever considered yourself a very gifted designer or perhaps thought that you have the ability to turn something mundane into something significantly beautiful, well, this is for you. It is interesting that as a UX designer, you will be responsible for giving users a smooth and enjoyable flow through a website or application. As a UX designer, you automatically become the custodian of the view of a website and an application, making you responsible for what the customer feels when he/she browses through a website or go through their favorite social media pages. Through several tools and skills, you create a favored view and feel of a website, considering all information gotten from User research. The User research simply describes a series of activities that involves questioning of users to ensure the website is created or designed having the user’s opinions in mind. UX Designers use tools such as FIGMA , MARVEL, and ADOBE XD. UX designer and earn between £30,000 and £40,000 yearly.

UI Design

While the terms UX and UI are often placed in the same statements and sentences, they are actually very different terms and they describe different activities and career options. Although most UX experts combine a use of their UX designing and their UI abilities to become an interface expert one can choose to go for one of these career paths and become an expert worth being in any web and app development team. To clearly understand what UI entails, you need to understand that UI does not exactly work without UX. While the UX designer designs, the user interface (UI) designer is responsible for all the visual and interactive elements that guide the user through this journey. What does the customer or user click, how do they click, what response do they get when they click? These are questions that are answered by the UI designer and it inherently determines what happens on the website or application. UI designers use tools such as INVISION and ZEPLIN and when it comes to their earnings, they take home between £41,000 and £48,000

Web Development

Take the web developers as the “brick layers” or “masons” who lay the foundation for everything and build on whatever aspects of the process or project that may have been earlier developed by experts such as the UX and UI designers. Together with their team, the web developers, commonly and acceptably called “coders” make sure that all that has been designed and accepted by the UX and UI experts come alive. Developers come in different ways, depending on what areas they capitalize their abilities on. Usually, developers handle both the frontend and the backend of the website. They code the designs into a fully functional website, and make sure that everything works as it should. Web developers employ the use of several software, ranging from, Angular.JS., Chrome DevTools. And a host of other tools. When it comes to earnings, web developers earn quite well. some of them have been known to work remotely and earn as a staff in a company or earn as freelance developers. whichever way, they earn at least £35,038 per year.

Data Analysis

So, now that the above experts have done their job and have done it beautifully and successfully, there are still aspects of the webpage creation that requires the attention of some experts. While the website is working fine and the clients receive their product, they could decide to hire a Data analyst who fashionably determines what happens on the website, how it happens and perhaps why it happens. The data analyst monitors the website to see how it performs, analyzes business trends, and delves into customer data to see how users behave. With these information, they continue to develop on what should be left functioning on the website and what features need to be added to boost user satisfaction. Data analysts use tools such as Datapine amongst others and their average take home according to several sources ranges between £28,000 to £30,000 yearly.

Project Management

You must have heard the word project and of course, “management”. However, what does it mean to have these two words in the same Sentence and what exactly does it stand for? The project managers are basically the backbone for designers and developers, they provide support and develop routines that must be followed while the website. Software or Application, are being delivered and ultimately, when client support is being provided. The project managers are often required to be problem solvers and basically individuals who function properly under pressure as there would be immense pressure from the clients and the team. The project manager would serve as the bridge between the clients and the team. Scheduling meetings and coordinating them. There are several tools that are available to the project manager such as CLICK-UP, TEAMGANT, JIRA and a wide range of tools that helps them in scheduling and managing a team. When it comes to earnings, project managers earn nothing less than £43,000 yearly.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing sounds quite strange in the list of tech career choices mostly due to an erroneous omission by several tech writers. However, along with cybersecurity, cloud computing was found to be the top technical area in IT seeing the most demand by Global Knowledge. A career in cloud technology generally includes some programming on cloud software platforms like Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud. E Peet’s in Cloud computing often earn between the range of £55,000 and £76,000.

However interesting the above career choices in tech seem to you and whichever catches your attention or tickles your fancy, you should know that every beautiful thing comes with a price. Not to sound like Kanayo O. Kanayo in old Nollywood movies but you should be aware that while the above career paths will change your life for the better, there is a process and this process often requires dedication and hard work. There are tools required to learn but there are also people, places and online learning platforms such as ours that gives you an adequate foundation in everything tech.

A Final Word

Sadly, while the earnings attached to the names of tech gurus and experts attract dozens, not many are able to bring themselves to complete courses and take out time to study. Perhaps the only risk that exists in taking the “tech way” is the unwillingness and fatigue that sets in at some point in the process. Beyond that, tech guarantees an interesting space, one that is full of life, income and fulfillment. After becoming an expert, you can give back by teaching and earning through working with organizations in and out of your country.

And what a better way to begin your tech journey than setting off with us. aptLearn is your first choice, self-paced learning platform, with a wide range of courses to explore and certificate of completion for your efforts.

Thanks for reading through, I truly hope you take the “Tech way”.

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