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Product Management Certification Course

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About Course

Product management is a discipline responsible for product planning (articulating the market problem) and product marketing (generating awareness, differentiation, and demand). Companies have come to appreciate the organizational value of other well-defined professional disciplines, such as project management, quality management, business analysis, and the results achieved by the orderly implementation of these disciplines.


Accordingly, standardized product management done consistently well can significantly increase the probability of product success and profitability.


The strategies you learn in this course will help you get products to market as fast as possible and with the least amount of difficulty.


Beginning with an understanding of the problems and mistakes that organizations and product teams continue to make, such as scaling efforts before testing the market, building before understanding the problem, and cognitive biases in decision making, you will learn how to avoid these pitfalls.

Once you’ve identified the errors, you’ll be shown how to correct them via case studies. Learn about product life cycle approaches, how to create an acceptable minimal viable product, business modeling techniques, and when to kill or pivot the direction of your product in this course.

Product Management Certification Course


Once this course is completed, you will have the groundwork necessary to introduce products to the market that address problems, proffer solutions, create income, and are designed to last a long time. let’s learn

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About the instructors

Akinola Abdulakeem
Ceo at aptLearn
Umar Faruq
Web Admin

Course Curriculum


  • What are the Problems?
  • What is the First & Second Mistake?
  • What is The Third Mistake?
  • The Fourth Mistake of Vanity Metrics.
  • The Last Mistake
  • Let’s get Quizzical!

Lean Product Management Overview

  • Lean Product Managers
  • Agile Software Development
  • What exactly is a Lean Startup?
  • Let’s get Quizzical!

Product Management Life Cycle

  • Investment vs. Uncertainty
  • Ash Maurya’s Model
  • Solution to Product Problems
  • Ensuring Product is Market Fit
  • What are the Questions for Product Market
  • Scaling
  • Let’s get Quizzical!

Concept of Building, Measuring & Learning

  • Build, Measure and Learn circle
  • The Scientific Method
  • Hypothesis Statement
  • Let’s get Quizzical!

Condition for MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

  • MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
  • MVP Example
  • Invalid MVPs
  • Let’s get Quizzical!

Building Business Model

  • Introduction to Business Modeling
  • Example of Business Modeling
  • Let’s get Quizzical!

The Product Metrics

  • Introduction to Innovation Accounting
  • What are Vanity Metrics?
  • The Good/Useful Metrics
  • Locating the Right Metrics
  • Resources & References
  • Let’s get Quizzical!


  • Congratulations

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24 hours ago
This course is insightful
1 day ago
2 days ago
I would highly recommend this as an introductory course. It lays the foundations on which you can solidly build you knowledge and start out building products which could be massively successful.
Suyash Sharma
2 days ago
A nice course
It was a good teaching.
I\'m grateful for the opportunity to learn and to add this soft skill to be able to strengthen my career goals.