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Project Management Certification in Software Engineering

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About Course

And now, here you are! What’s the reason behind this? It’s time to ponder it. In the future, you may want to become a manager. Perhaps you’ve just received a job promotion and need some pointers on how to get started in your new position. Is this your first time managing an organization? If so, you may seek a mentor to help you improve. This course is ideal for anybody at any stage of their career. This is a course for you, yes, you.

The technology industry is experiencing a skills dilemma. This isn’t because we’re incompetent programmers or infrastructure scalers. A lot of progress is being made. However, it’s a result of our inability to manage personnel effectively. People, not computers, are the ones who write software. More individuals need to succeed. This difficulty can be solved by good management. With this course, perfection is within your grasp. It is free so go on.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Enhance your management skills
  • Get you certified
  • Introduce Startup as a case study
  • The technology industry is experiencing a skills dilemma. This isn't because we're incompetent programmers or infrastructure scalers. A lot of progress is being made. However, it's a result of our inability to effectively manage personnel. People, not computers, are the ones who write software. More individuals need to succeed. This difficulty can be solved by good management. With this course,  perfection is within your grasp. It is free so go on

About the instructor

Wabur Phillip
Why is acquiring skills in tech so expensive? I'm glad for aptLearn platform for allowing free courses to be created. I love teaching, I love sharing tech resources, too; I want to use this platform to change lives. My Courses are free. I hope they help you. A creep, no socials!!

Course Curriculum

Starting Line

  • Who Should take this course
  • Go further
  • Let’s walk through the Journey

A New Adventure

  • Let’s paint A Scenario of Your First Day at Work
  • The First Week at Your Job
  • Snapshot & Key Observation
  • Introducing Yourself To Your Team
  • One on One Meeting Solves Many Problem
  • Make Your Snapshot
  • Time to Relax

Manage Yourself First

  • Chapter’s Story Map
  • Get it Together
  • Build a Calender
  • Make a To Do List
  • Your Email Inbox
  • Get your Tool Kit
  • Get More Productive by Categorizing Your Activities
  • Measuring Your Output
  • Chapter Quiz

Manage People

  • About This Chapter
  • Why Should You Learn How To Manage People?
  • Why programmers become bad managers
  • How to Communicate Effectively
  • It Shouldn’t Be All About You
  • Give Feedback
  • Delegation of Tasks
  • Key to good delegation
  • The Scale of Delegation
  • Working With Your Manager
  • Learn How To Summarize
  • Quiz

Take on (One on One)

  • One on One
  • Week In, Week Out
  • Contracting: Your First One-on-Ones
  • Your Approach on What to Talk About
  • Are You Taking Notes?
  • Remember: You Are Not a Therapist
  • So What’s Next?
  • Quiz

The Right Job For The Right Person

  • Getting The Right Person For The Job
  • The Act of Motivating People
  • The Zone of Proximal Development
  • Task Level Proximal Development
  • Career-Level Proximal Development
  • The Cathedral and the Bazaar
  • A Review Before Reviews
  • Quiz

Best Time of The Year

  • About This Chapter
  • Busted Myth
  • Performance Review and Assessment
  • The Written Review Form
  • What to Do on The Day of Performance Review
  • Talking About Money
  • So What Next?
  • Quiz

Hiring and Firing

  • About This Chapter
  • Selecting Who To Hire
  • Culture fit
  • Write Great Job Descriptions
  • Applications & Applicants Review
  • Performing Screening Calls
  • Interview Process
  • First Interview
  • Optional Technical Test
  • Last Interview
  • Offer Making
  • From Hiring To…
  • Hiring Candidates

Game Over

  • Story Map of ‘Game Over’
  • People Leaving Is not Abnormal
  • Good Reasons to Leave
  • Bad Reasons to Leave
  • Fighting the Good Fight
  • Making Employee Leave
  • Preparing the PIP
  • Creating the PIP
  • Delivering and Integrating the PIP
  • Layoffs
  • Enough Goodbyes Already!
  • Quiz – Employee Leaving

How to win friends and influence people

  • Story map of this chapter
  • Go beyond your team
  • Build your Network
  • Give back
  • Mentor
  • Coach
  • Take it up a level
  • Influencing People

Humans are hard

  • Story map of this chapter
  • Scrutiny and judgement
  • Wobble
  • The Whip and the Carrot
  • Mount Stupid
  • Bridging the Gap
  • It Isn’t Just Humans…
  • Dealing with humans

Projects are hard

  • Story map of this chapter
  • Eye of Sauron
  • Victims of your Success
  • Scope, Resources, and Time
  • Relax…
  • Dealing with Projects

Information Stock Exchange

  • Story Map of this Chapter
  • Spies and Gatekeepers
  • Share Enough Information
  • Workplace Politics
  • Using Politics Positively
  • Using Politics Negatively
  • Time to Decompress
  • Information Stock Exchange

Let Go Of Control

  • Story Map of this Chapter
  • Transcending Tasks
  • You and Stoicism
  • Trichotomy of Control
  • Escaping the False Productivity Trap
  • Using Your Capacity Wisely
  • Stop Checking The Notifications!
  • What You Do Outside Work Matters
  • Importance of Sleeping
  • Moving Your Body
  • Now is The Only Moment That Matters
  • Letting Go…of This Chapter
  • Let Go Of Control

Good Housekeeping

  • Story Map for this Chapter
  • Communication Dictates Software Design
  • Breaking Silos With Guilds
  • Culture of Talks Encouragement
  • Department Talks
  • Getting Learning Opportunities From Problems
  • Managing Bugs
  • Tools for Solving Common Problems
  • Organizing Our Careers
  • Good Housekeeping

Dual Ladders

  • Story Map Of This Chapter
  • Individual Contributor Track
  • Management Track
  • Progression Framework
  • Career Progression Troubleshooting
  • Now Let’s Tackle the Big Issues
  • Dual Ladders

The Modern Workspace

  • Story Map of This Chapter
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Cultural Issues
  • The Shift Toward Remote Working
  • Priming Yourself for Supporting Remote Working
  • Communication Practices for Distributed Teams
  • Trust Is Necessary for Remote Working
  • Values and Goals as Guidance
  • Face Time
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Culture Notes
  • To the Land of Unicorns
  • Test Time


  • Story Map of This Chapter
  • Software Is Taking Up the World
  • Opportunities for Managers
  • Catching and Surfing a Wave
  • Why Managing Startups Is Critical
  • What Does Your Future Hold?
  • Test Time


  • Congratulations

The Crystal Ball

  • Story Map of this Chapter
  • Life, the Universe, and Everything in Between
  • Your Vision
  • Your Plan
  • Performing Exercise With Your Employee
  • Final Quiz

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3 days ago
2 months ago
easily comprehensible
Ijeoma Ilechukwu
2 months ago
It was enlightening
2 months ago
This course opened me up to a new career path. I learnt a lot in such a short time. Very expository as well as descriptive, I was able to make a mental image of each lesson taught.
2 months ago
it was interesting. learnt alot
2 months ago
the course creator was simple precise and detailed in the course making it quite easy to absorb